Types of Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology

The term of Hellenistic astrology came from the Egyptians and was named after the period of time which it was in. This method was used in the days of Alexander the great, in roughly about the third century. This particular practice stayed in that region for the next three years before disappearing in the seventh century.

The type of astrology had a negative effect on all the other backgrounds of astrology. This type of astrology is separated into three different sub types. The first of the three would be the universal astrology which gives readings on large places; the right example of this is how Nostradamus predicted his events. The effects of a lot of deaths could be a flood or a war.

The second type is one that gives readings after gaining the individual's birth dates, the natal chart allow for a prediction of the individual based on his or her personality. And the last and final is the Katarchic which is also a different type of astrology, this lets you know the right time to do something special in an individual's life. One of the main concepts of astrology which is used in modern day astrology is the science of the houses.

Different parts of the natal chart link with our movements and flow and this is why it can be used by astrologists to find out about us. This can be done for even a country and the instructions are written in Greek as it was created in that time.




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