Zodiac Sign - Pisces


(Feb. 23 – March 22), the fish, are gentle, artistic, compassionate and wise. Another very intuitive sign, Pisces are incredibly friendly, helpful, and selflessly caring towards others. Pisces, a water sign, is the last constellation of the zodiac. It's symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces' attention between fantasy and reality. As the final sign, Pisces has absorbed every lesson — the joys and the pain, the hopes and the fears — learned by all of the other signs. They are connected to music and art, with creative minds. On the other hand, these people may also be sad, overly trusting, fearful, or have a desire to escape reality.

Gemstone: Amythest Aquamarine






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Pisces Horoscope for Mon, 04 Mar 2024 5:37:28 -0500

What is said and what is felt may not at all be the same today, so watch out for inner contradictions coming from those around you. Be careful what you sign today as intentions and reality may not be on the same page. It's a better time for trying to conclude things than for starting new ones.