Zodiac Sign - Leo


(July 23 – Aug. 22), the lions, are generous, passionate, and warm-hearted. Roll out the red carpet because Leo has arrived. Leo is represented by the lion and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate their accomplishments. They are great at making friends, but love to be the center of attention. Though confident, Leos are prone to being arrogant, self-centered, and inflexible. Due to this, they dislike facing reality and being ignored.

Gemstone: Ruby Peridot






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Leo Horoscope for Mon, 04 Mar 2024 5:38:35 -0500

You are likely to distance yourself from others now, feeling the need to withdraw and reflect. Your thoughts are inclined to be heavy, critical, and pessimistic at this time, so it would be good to realize that you are only seeing part of the picture, and perhaps seek the advice of an older, experienced person who has passed through some of the challenges you face.